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Looking after our rabbits

This week we are looking at why and how we take care of our nursery rabbits. We spoke about the home they live in, what they need for their hutches and what they like to eat and drink. We also talked about our trip to the farm that is happening this week and how we need to keep calm, no shouting or screaming when we visit and hold the animals as we do not want to scare the animals.

The children all enjoyed a cuddle with hoppy and either stroked or gave his beautiful soft fur a brush.

image imageimage image

image image

image image

Hoppy was a super star with the children, he sat very nicely and definitely showed the Holme Grange Way.

Do you have any pets at home?


Understanding the world

This week the children have been looking at what a community is. The children talked about where they live and then looked at pictures of different places they may have been to with their family. The children showed great listening skills and enjoyed listening to each other talk about their experiences.

image image

‘I went on a bus all the way to legoland and it went to the right place!’

‘My mummy and daddy took me to hospital when I hurt my chin.’

‘I went to the dentist and they looked at my teeth and I get a sticker every time I go.’

‘My daddy went to the dentist and he had his tooth out.’

‘I’ve been to visit the fire station and I sat in a fire engine. You need a fire engine when there is a fire.’

‘You can call the police if someone is in trouble and the police look to see that children are wearing their seat belts in the car.’

‘I went on the train to London to see some fish.’

‘My daddy goes on the train to work in town.’

‘I went on the train at Thomas Land and it was really fun.’

‘We go shopping to Tesco and Wwaitrose and I help mummy push the trolley.’

‘I like going to the library to choose different books. I went with mummy and daddy and we read a book there.’

‘At the library you have to see the lady or man at the desk to get a book.’

‘In town I also go to the garden centre with mummy and it has a soft play area.’

‘I go to a restaurant with my family for tea, I like pizza express.’



What other places do you go to that your children might be able to tell you about?



Self portrait

The children have been working on creating their very own self portrait. They have different skin colour crayons and pencils to choose from along with coloured pencils to use for their hair, eyes, mouths and cheeks. A large mirror was put on the table for the children to use so they could look at themselves to help decide which colours were best to use.

Independence and enthusiasm was present as the children chatted to each other about what colour hair and eyes they had! The children learnt how similar and different they are from each other.

image imageimageimage “I have yellow hair”image  image  “I have green eyes”image image image “My hair is black”

Could you draw yourself?

Understanding the World

This week the children have been looking at the diversity of families. We have looked at photographs of our Little Grange families to help us understand that each of our family’s have similarities and differences to other families which make our family special. We have talked about family size and family members to see if the children can identify if their family is similar or different to other friends’ families. The children loved telling their friends about their own family and sharing their photographs.

image image We looked at some wooden figures from different ethnic backgrounds and at some figures with disabilities to help the children understand these differences in families and allow them to talk about if their family ethnicity was similar or different to other children in their group. Afterwards the children enjoyed playing with the different families in the dolls house.


Thank you to all parents that sent in family photographs for the children to share. Your support is very much appreciated.


Understanding the world

The children have been learning about Africa. They have been looking at different pictures, such as of children in a school room and animals on the African Plain, and they have been encouraged to think of their own ideas relating to what they can see in the picture and what they have around them. The children came up with some lovely ideas and were able to identify some of differences and similarities they could see between; how the children learn in Africa and they learnt Little Grange, the different animals, the different food they eat and the different clothes they wear.

“The children don’t have lots of toys.”

“They have a chalk board and we use the Interactive whiteboard.”

“we have meat for lunch and I think they have cereal in their bowls.”

“They wear school uniforms like we do.”

“The children are sitting on desks and stools and we sit at tables and chairs.”

“it looks like they are wearing dresses. I wear a dress to a party.”

“They are wearing African Necklaces.”


image image  image image image image image image image image


Diwali Role Play

This week the children are learning about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.  The children worked in the outdoor area to act out the story of Prince Rama and Princess Sita being banished from their kingdom to a cottage in the forest.


Prince Rama is lured away from the cottage by a golden deer, leaving Sita behind. Ravana, a 10 headed demon, disguises himself as an old man and tricks Sita into opening the door. Sita is kidnapped by Ravana and is taken by chariot to his kingdom, the island of Lanka.


Prince Rama returns to find Sita is gone and searches everywhere for her.


He calls on Hanuman, King of the monkeys, to help find Sita.


Hanuman finally locates Sita and returns to tell Prince Rama where she is. They return to Lanka with an army of bears and monkeys and build a bridge across the water to reach Sita.


Prince Rama takes a special arrow and uses it to defeat Ravana.


The villagers put out lots of lights to light the way home for Prince Rama and Princess Sita.


The children had lots of fun role playing this important Hindu Festival, all willingly taking on a role and confidently acting out the story.


Can the children retell part of the story to you?

Pumpkin carving

Miss lipyeat’s group had great fun Pumpkin carving with reception. My group – Ava, Manya, Jaiyan, Lucy Hawkins, Logan and Tabitha showed great cooperation and collaboration as they worked together to scoop out the pumpkin. We then talked about what design we wished to create on our pumpkin and the children decided to choose triangle eyes, a square nose and a smiley face with teeth. Well done for showing great team work!

What would you carve on your pumpkin?

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image


Pumpkin Carving Mrs. Wooster’s Group

Little Grange were joined this morning by our friends from Reception.  Mrs. Wooster was ably assisted by Hattie, Harry, Elliot, Olivia, Elizabeth, Ariyaan and Vinudi. They had a great time scooping out their pumpkin, some chose to use their hands and were able tell their friends what it felt like. “It’s slimey” and “it smells funny” were some of the comments. The children displayed great collaboration as they worked in a team to create their design, deciding to create a funny, scary pumpkin. They continued to help Mrs. Wooster cut out the features and were fascinated to see the result as they popped out the pieces. The children were very proud of the final result!

image image image  image image image image image image image image image image image image  image image image image image

We hope you have as much fun at home carving pumpkins this Halloween! Will your pumpkin be more scary?

Understanding the world – floating and sinking

This week the children have been testing what different objects do when they are put in the water.                    Do they float or sink?
The children found out that if the object was heavy then it sunk to the bottom but if it was light it floated. After testing the initial objects, the children chose different objects from the outdoor area that they wanted to try.

what other objects could you test?

image image “The boat floats”

image image

image image “Look it is touching the bottom”

image “These objects float”

image “These objects sink”

image image